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Get a Butt Lift with 2 Simple Body Rolling Routines

Posted by John Johnson on

Get a Butt Lift with 2 Simple Body Rolling Routines

There are so many ways to keep a toned behind, but we find these two routines to be a simple and gentle way to keep the gluts in shape.

Routine 1: Lifting and Separating the Glutes from the Hamstrings

When your butt begins to sag, what is happening is that fascia has grown and is now attaching your gluteus maximus to the hamstrings! On a regular basis you need to lift your buttocks because as you age, the buttocks tend to lose their form faster.

  1. Using 2 black balls, sit on them so your two sit bones are sitting on the balls.
  2. With your back as straight as possible and your feet on the floor with your knees bent, move the body forward. Feel the balls lifting up each buttock.
  3. Next, push the heels into the floor and slide your hips backwards. This slides the balls down into the hamstring tendons.
  4. To bring muscle tone more quickly to the buttocks, as the balls move backwards to lift the gluts, tighten and release the buttocks 3-5xs.
  5. Repeat this 3-5 times.

Yamuna Seated Glut Exercise

Routine 2: Toning and Firming the Buttocks 

  1. Using a gold ball, lying face down, place the pubic bone directly down on the ball.
  2. Using the hands and feet slide the body backwards so the ball rolls directly above the pubic bone into the lower abdomen.
  3. Bend the feet up and stretch the arms out over the head on the floor. Pull the pubic bone down and around the ball. The knees are on the floor.
  4. Inhaling, lift the knees off the floor. Hold for 10 seconds and then lower the knees back down to the floor pulling the pubic bone down and around the ball.
  5. Start with 5 repetitions and gradually build up to 10-25.

Yamuna Glut toning flatYamuna glut exercise raised


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