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Is A Fitness Challenge Your Next Best Step?

Posted by John Johnson on

Is A Fitness Challenge Your Next Best Step?

Why Join a Fitness Challenge Group?

When you're looking for something that will really make a difference in your health and happiness, but don't have the time or find it hard sometimes to stick with whatever plan is being used, a group fitness challenge might be perfect.

What is a fitness challenge and how can it help you reach your goals?

Fitness challenges are a way to focus on your goal and make it more fun. They can help you reach those goals by keeping track of everything, providing incentives for completing tasks, celebrating community with other people who share the same passion- all while staying accountable!

When it comes to challenges, there are many different formats. The general idea behind them all is that you join in with other people either on-line or in person for a designated period time and work together towards one goal.

The facilitator of a challenge will help keep the group motivated and moving along together. They may also share helpful information to educate people on how their actions impact them, ways that engage your body more meaningfully, as well as maintaining mindfulness throughout the wellness journey. The person in charge should make sure they are providing enough support for everyone so there isn't any isolation or feeling left out!

What should facilitator provide?

To make the most of this challenge, the facilitator should clearly outline the program's intention and format. They will need to create a safe space for people who are participating in order that they feel comfortable sharing their journey with others. If there are any rules for the group, they should be stated at sign-up. 

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What should you expect when joining a challenge?

Joining a group challenge is not just about signing up. Some of the most popular ones will send daily emails with helpful information to keep you motivated and reminded of what's going on in this exciting process! The meet-ups usually happen through social media or some other online platform like Zoom; this allows participants access at anytime anywhere they are connected via internet connection (or not). The time/location info usually comes early so there won't be any problems when joining later down line. 

With different challenges come different goals, but the important thing is to show up and participate. You'll be able take advantage of real-time feedback that can help solve some tough fitness problems for you! These groups can be very motivating, so that when things get tough everyone feels like they're not alone in their challenges or successes!

When joining a challenge, know that your participation is key to the groups success. It's important for you show up everyday of this process as set out by leader- which may mean logging on at certain time or keeping track via an activity tracker and sharing any achievements with other members! Everyone loves having someone cheering from sidelines so don't hesitate if you feel like being THAT person.

One last note, is that fitness challenges are not miracles in action. Often the results come with time and persistence- each challenge is going to be about getting out what you put into it so don't give up! For now though keep this lesson learned alive by taking notes on how these challenges empowered you to move forward in your health journey.  

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