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Let's Take A Foot Sensory Trip

Posted by John Johnson on

Let's Take A Foot Sensory Trip


Sometimes when we are trying to reach goals or make a change, every step of the process feels like work; and that's not very much fun. Studies show that when we are trying to reach a goal or make a new routine it's best if we mix it up a bit, add breaks, and have fun rewards. Even what might be called a "cheat" treat may be the right call to keep you on the ball.

We have a lot of people in the Happy Healthy Long Life community that are actively working on problems with their feet or are trying to impact the strength of their feet by setting a new routine. Some people have injuries or chronic pain due to conditions and some are interested in optimal health so they are always looking for the next advantage. We love having a diverse group in our community and have tried to select products that have a wide range of uses. Two examples are  Correct Your Toes Toe Separators and Yamuna Foot Rolling Kit. Both of these products, when used regularly, can have a meaningful impact on your whole body health, no matter what your goals are. But, it takes work.

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So we thought it would be fun to write a post with suggestions to make your foot fitness journey more enjoyable with sensory experiences.

One definition of sensory is: relating to sensation or the physical senses; transmitted or perceived by the senses. So often when people think of their senses they think of just five: see, hear, touch, taste, smell. But, actually, it’s estimated that humans have up to 23 distinct, important senses that we use in a variety of situations to adapt, perceive and engage with the world. One cool sense that people are somewhat unfamiliar with by definition, but certainly not in reality is nociception; the perception of pain. There are others, but the point is that we can focus and harness our sensory awareness in a variety of wonderful playful and mindful ways.

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Here is a list of senses that could be engaged in foot fitness:


This is actually comprised of two senses with two different types of receptors, one is for brightness (rods) and the other is for color (cones).


Using your hands or fingers to identify something is what you call touching. It’s different from pressure, pain, temperature, pain, and itch sensors.


In pressure. a sensation of compression, strain, pull, or strain caused by an external force is felt.


This is the ability to sense the changes in the temperature. Thermoception is also thought of as having two senses, not just because it has both cold and hot receptors but because there is an entirely distinct type of thermoreceptors in the brain that are used to monitor the internal temperature of the body   

Tension sensors

These can be found in the muscles and they enable the brain to have the ability to control muscle tension.


The perception of pain


The perception of balance

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So that may be a lot of new information for you. How can you use these "newfound" senses in a sensory foot experience? What kind of benefits could you find? I'm sure your brain is churning out some ideas. Please post some in the comments. 


And our next blog post will crack this sensory box wide open to challenge you to start engaging with your feet in a variety of interesting, stimulating, and creative ways. 


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