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The 14 Day Foot Fitness Challenge 
Will Start Soon! Here's A Snapshot of What We’re Offering:



14 Days of power packed ideas delivered to your inbox showing you how to turn your resolutions into routines.



Daily live sessions with
John William Johnson, LMC MFCC, Your Personal Foot Fitness Coach



It's not all hard work! We added some fun sensory experiences into the curriculum to increase our joy!

Join John William Johnson for The 14 Day Foot Fitness Challenge 

The format is super simple using daily sessions
on a private Facebook group. You can also
watch a recording of at your preferred time. What can you expect?

  • Learn all about your amazing feet & how they impact your whole body health
  • Find effective ways to address painful issues
  • Discover easy exercises to improve your foot strength
  • Connect with others who are on this wellness journey

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John William Johnson, LMT, MFCC

John is one of those people who finds passion in everything he does, and delights in sharing that passion with others. At 75, John still has the energy and enthusiasm to keep sharing his knowledge in meaningful ways, run a prosperous company, travel, dance, and mentor people wanting to live healthy, happy lives. We invite you to take a step into our circle and learn how to achieve whole-body wellness, starting with your feet.

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