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Yamuna Black Balls (Pair)

Yamuna Black Balls (Pair)

$ 30.00


Release muscle tension in both the front and back of the calves and ankles. A must for runners, cyclers, dancers, or anyone who's on their feet a lot!

Yamuna's 4-inch black balls are the smallest of all Yamuna balls, which also makes them great for travel.  After learning the basics of body rolling, these balls will be great for getting a deeper, more focused muscle release.

The black balls are recommended for working your legs, getting into tight spots, and going up both sides of your spine.

Yamuna black balls will arrive fully inflated.  Use the Yamuna Pump to increase or decrease the pressure to fit your comfort level. Please note that these balls will become damaged if deflated completely. 


Yamuna's black balls are included in these kits:



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