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Yamuna Save Your Hips Kit

Yamuna Save Your Hips Kit

$ 69.75

This workout reaches deep into your hip joints, accessing tight and worn out areas you might not be aware of, while also freeing your hips of restriction. The hips are one of the most used and troubling joints in the body, bringing tightness and stiffness with age. It doesn't have to be that way- integrating this routine into your life will help to prevent the breakdown of the hip joint and keep your hips healthy for years to come.  Keep this routine in your library of self-care tools for those unexpected moments of stiffness.

Available as both a DVD and a Kit. The Kit includes Save your Hips DVD, Black Balls and Pump. 

The black balls ship completely inflated.  Use the Yamuna pump to adjust ball pressure to fit your comfort level.

Save Your Hips offers a very deep workout to improve flexibility and range of motion in your hips.  

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