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Yamuna Leg Routines, a follow up to Your Legs and Summer

Posted by John Johnson on

Yamuna Leg Routines, a follow up to Your Legs and Summer

Here's the follow up to our last post "Yamuna: Your Legs and Summer"

Yamuna created these 3 basic routines to keep your legs in shape in the warmer weather. You can find the Yamuna anatomy lesson here.

After working the 3 major muscle groups in the below routines you will feel:

  • The hips and knees better aligned
  • A greater ease of movement
  • An increased range of motion

Please note, that while Yamuna uses the silver ball for these routines you can also use the gold or pearl balls.  Always use the ball that's most comfortable for your body!




1.    Sit on the silver ball with your back as straight as possible and with the leg you are working straight out in front of you. The other leg is bent with the foot into the floor or in any other comfortable position

2.    Inhale and lift off the ball slightly and then exhale and let your weight press down into the ball. Slowly move from side to side stimulating the sit bone you are pressing into. Then move the ball pressing all around the sit bone in a clockwise position several times and then a counter clockwise position.

3.    Pull your body backward and let the ball roll down just below the sit bone. This is where the hamstring tendons are. Inhale lift up gently and then exhale and press down into the tendons.

4.    Pull your body backward and roll the ball 1/3, 1/2 and then 3/4 of the way down the hamstrings. Stay at each point for 3-5 breaths pressing down into the ball. You do not go to the knee in this routine. Do NOT roll back and forth as this confuses the natural order the muscle fibers move in.

5.    Roll the ball back up to your sit bone and come off the ball. Extend both legs out and see and feel the difference.

6.    Do the other side.


Yamuna Quadriceps and Pelvis

1.    Position your body face down with the ball pressing into the front of your pelvic bone on the right side. Hold your body up with your forearms. If your forearms are weak, place another ball under your chest to rest on.

2.    Inhale, and press down into the ball with the right side of your pelvis.

3.    Pull your body forward and let the ball move down into the top of your thigh. It should be 2-3 fingers width down from the front of the hip joint. This is where the joint bends in front.

4.    Inhale, and pull your abdominal muscles up towards your lumbar spine. Keep a flat lumbar spine and do not let it drop down.

5.    Exhale and press the thigh down against the ball. Stay at this point for 3-4 breaths
Yamuna Quadriceps

6.    Pull the body forward and roll the ball down 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 of the way down to the knee and work the same way at each point.

7.    Come off the ball. Lie on your back and feel the work and how it effects the entire leg, hip, and back.

8.    Do the left quadriceps.




Yamuna Adductor Hip


1.    Lying face down, bend one knee out to the side so the knee is at hip level. The other leg is extended. You are up on your forearms. Use a gold ball to support your chest if this is hard on your shoulders. Place the silver ball right in next to the side of the pubic bone with the knee bent. Stay here for several breaths stimulating the points where these muscle groups begin.

2.    Pull your body forward and let the ball go backwards slowly towards the sit bone. This wakes up all the adductor muscles that attach along here.

3.    Move the ball back so it is about half way between the first point you placed the ball and the sit bone.


Yamuna Adductor Knee


4.    Using your hand move the ball out 1/3, 1/2,  3/4 and finally all the way to the medal side of the knee. At each point stay for 3-4 breaths pressing the inner thigh down into the ball.

5.    Repeat on the second side

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