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Which Meditation Technique is Best for You?

Posted by John Johnson on

Which Meditation Technique is Best for You?


Meditation has been around since ancient times and numerous people from different cultures are still practicing it. Just as exercise trains the body, meditation trains the mind. It develops your focus and attention. It also helps in reducing stress, increases the clarity of the mind, and promotes peacefulness and happiness. 

Kinds of Meditation

You can pick between Unguided meditation and Guided meditation. In unguided meditation, you meditate on your own. It usually involves sitting quietly and concentrating on your body and your breathing then applying the technique you like. You can choose from free meditation videos or audio tracks you can find all over the internet. 

In guided meditation, there is someone like a teacher, a guru,  or a coach, who would guide you through the basic steps and assist you when performing a meditation technique. 

Meditation Techniques

There are many meditation techniques that are used worldwide. Here are 6 of the most commonly used techniques in meditation: 

Mindfulness Meditation

The most popular meditation technique widely used in the West, the Mindfulness Meditation originated from Buddhist principles on being aware of the present and not to dwell in the past or dread what’s coming in the future. You can practice this technique in just about anywhere. In your room, at the office, and even while waiting in line at the grocery. 

A study has shown that mindfulness mediation can lessen a person’s fixation for negativity, can boost memory, enhance focus, and increase cognitive flexibility among others. Check out this guided mindfulness meditation video to help you get started. 

Body Scan Meditation

In this mediation technique, the focus is on different areas and sensations of your whole body. Often times, our mind is wandering elsewhere while our body is doing something different. The Body Scan Meditation technique aims to keep the mind and body in sync by mentally scanning the body from head to toe. This can help you relax tired muscles and focus your attention to any aches and pains your body is feeling and be able to address the issue. Here’s a guided meditation video to help you start with this technique. 


Metta Meditation 

Also known as Loving-kindness Meditation, this technique aims to develop a loving and kind attitude towards everything and everyone especially one's self. A practitioner of the Metta Meditation opens his mind to accept loving-kindness then send benevolence and positive energy to himself, to the world, or to a specific person. Here’s a guided metta meditation video to help you get started. 

Movement Meditation

This technique focuses on the body while in motion. Walking meditation is a form of movement meditation. Yoga, Pal Dan Gum, Tai Chi, and other forms of martial arts are also classified under the movement meditation technique. This technique is great for people who can’t sit still to meditate and for those who can focus more while moving. Check out this Yoga Video for Complete Beginners

Spiritual Meditation 

Aside from Hindus, Buddhist, and Daoist, many Christians are practicing Spiritual Meditation. It is a technique that is akin to prayer as the person practicing it reflects on the tranquility surrounding him and look for a more profound connection with the Supreme Being, with one’s self or the Universe. You can practice this technique at places of worship, in nature, and at home. Here’s a guided spiritual meditation video to help you get started. 

Transcendental Meditation 

This technique is a spiritual type of meditation that aims to transcend or go beyond a person’s present state of existence. The practitioner stays seated and slowly breathes while reciting a word or a phrase repeatedly. You can use any positive or uplifting word or phrase or just using the word “om” is OK. Check out this guided transcendental meditation video. 

Studies have shown that meditation may help to lessen anxiety, alleviate pain, soothe depression, and help treat insomnia. With so many techniques to choose from, it wouldn’t be hard to find the right meditation technique for you! 

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