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What Is Yamuna Body Rolling?

Posted by John Johnson on

What Is Yamuna Body Rolling?


Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) is a self-conditioning and self-care therapeutic exercise that utilizes specialized balls to address problems of certain body parts. It’s able to deal with numerous layers of tissue such as the skin, muscle, bone, and fascia. It can also address issues concerning the internal organs, nervous system, and connective tissues. 

Yamuna Zake, a yoga instructor and an expert in body sustainability, created Yamuna Body Rolling. She believes that most fitness regime will cause injuries over time. Knowing the possible damages that could happen lets you choose methods and means to stop it from happening and guide you to execute exercises more responsibly. This, according to her, is the meaning of body sustainability. 

Yamuna believes that every part of your body needs space to perform as best as possible. Muscle contraction or tightness happens when there is not enough space. This is commonly caused by muscle overuse or under-use. 

Under-used muscles tend to lose their capability to work properly and in turn shrivel, reduce in size, and ultimately occupy lesser space. On the other hand, overused muscles are always contracted and tight that leads to insufficient space. 

YBR stretches the muscles, revitalizes the tendons, and liberates the joints. Working with the Yamuna balls will show you how movements are restricted when a particular muscle is tight. You will also discover, in certain spots, tightness you never knew existed. 

When there’s enough space in every part of your body to let you move freely, your

  • Blood flow will be unobstructed
  • Organs will float rather than be stuck
  • Lungs will be able to breathe fully
  • Joints will have their full range of motion
  • Jaws will be free from clenching and grinding
  • Body parts will de-stress allowing them their full movement

YBR offers numerous benefits. It’s not just another stressful fitness routine, it’s newly categorized as Body Sustainability and should be incorporated into your daily health routine. Some key effects include:

  • Improved posture
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved alignment in all parts of the body
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased organ function

When to practice Yamuna Body Rolling

When you feel stressed or feel tightness in certain parts of your body, just get your ball and start rolling. You can do body rolling before or after yoga, after sports, after dancing, after work, to relieve anxiety, anger, and pain. 


What you will need:

Yamuna Gold Ball 

Considered as the basic or beginner ball, this is the ball to use when you start your body rolling journey.  This ball is mostly recommended for doing chest, sideline, and abdominal work. It’s also the recommended ball for YBR Pregnancy and Save Your Lower Back. If you have osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, or are rehabilitating from an injury, then gold ball is just right for you. The gold ball has the same consistency as the pearl ball but since it's larger, it will give you a less intense, more gentle workout.   Approximately 10 inches in diameter when fully inflated 


Yamuna Silver Ball

Once you are comfortable using the gold ball on all YBR routines, you can move on to the silver ball. This ball is denser and harder, It can go deeper into your tissues. The silver ball lets you work individual muscles in more detail. It offers greater intensity, a more profound release, and a true deep-tissue massage experience. This ball is recommended for working the legs and you can also use this for your back if your back is in good shape. This ball is not recommended for abdominal, chest, or sideline work 


Yamuna Pearl Ball

This ball has the same consistency as the gold ball but it’s smaller, so it sinks deeper into your tissues for a more intense experience. It's also good for getting into small or tight areas like the neck, armpit, or between the breasts. Also known as the Yamuna Body Rolling "Anywhere" ball, this ball is great for all office and travel routines. This ball is also recommended for people under 5 feet in height. 


Yamuna Black  Balls (Pair) 

This pair of balls are used to release muscle tension in both the front and back of the calves and ankles. A must for runners, cyclers, dancers, or anyone who's on their feet a lot!

Yamuna's 4-inch black balls are the smallest of all Yamuna balls, which also makes them great for travel.  After learning the basics of body rolling, these balls will be great for getting a deeper, more focused muscle release. The black balls are recommended for working your legs, getting into tight spots, and going up both sides of your spine. 


Yamuna Body Rolling is an experiential approach to learning the language of anatomy. Body Rolling will help you maintain the health of your own neuromuscular and skeletal systems. It will help you learn to listen to the useful information your body communicates to you, making it possible to develop greater control over your internal state and increase your ability to use your body more freely and intelligently, whether in your body therapy practice, for exercise or just in your daily life. 


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