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A Letter from Yamuna - Every Part of You Needs Space

Posted by John Johnson on

A Letter from Yamuna - Every Part of You Needs Space

Every month I try to offer you new ways to look at parts of the body. In general, I start with my main belief about what the body needs to function as well as possible. The concept is so simple and logical: EVERY PART OF YOU NEEDS SPACEWhen each part of you has the necessary space to move freely, your

  • Blood flow will be unobstructed
  • Organs will float rather than be stuck
  • Lungs will be able to breathe fully
  • Joints will have their full range of motion
  • Jaws will be free from clenching and grinding
  • Body parts will de-stress allowing them their full movement

EQUALS you becoming a more liberated you with improved full body function.

I create education which can focus on one body part or on the whole. People tend to find the education which they need because it is what their bodies are asking for. What I want to give you throughout this newsletter is just how many parts of you that you never think about might be the underlying cause for what is glaring at you at any given time.

Here are some things to think about. For example: You might always be working in the same position and using your hands and arms repeatedly in the same way. All the sudden one of your shoulders starts to hurt and soon it is stuck. You focus on the shoulder which is hurting you. You go to see professionals to help you. They also focus on the shoulder, it takes a long time to fully heal and you become frustrated. You continue using your body the same way as always at work and the shoulder feels better but never recovers 100%. Sound familiar?

What about if someone analyzed your full movements at work and found that you were always slightly twisting to the side with the shoulder problem. Your chest and entire ribcage is mildly twisted to that side. Your neck is also slightly turned to that side shortening the neck muscles on that side restricting your ability to fully turn your neck. Your chest is dropped and your belly is dropping down into your hips. Both your chest and head are in front of the shoulders. Your other hand and arm are much more fully active while you work. All off the sudden your mind begins to try and problem solve how this happened to your shoulder. It was never really a shoulder problem. The poor shoulder was just the result of how your body got stuck into a work pattern over years. Once the pattern locked in, it was there to stay and progress until your body gave way in the shoulder to force you to have to do something. If you focus on the shoulder without changing the reasons for its present suffering it can never really heal. Getting smart about how you use your body and how this contributes to your body getting stuck is part of the lessons in this newsletter. 

The largest part of your body is your torso which is connected to every movement your arms, hands, legs and feet make. Enjoy learning how to free the center of your body to free the WHOLE YOU.

To Bringing More Mindful Movement into Your Life,


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