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The Quest For A Healthy Happy Long Life

Posted by John Johnson on

The Quest For A Healthy Happy Long Life

We live in amazing times, there is so much powerful information available to help us on our quest.

At the same time, we’ve created a world where we can stay indoors all day and have everything provided to us. We could live in our pajamas and never get out of bed and still earn a good living!

A Healthy Happy Long Life Meaning

I came up with this name for our website because it encompasses all that I hope to do in providing you with the tools and products and information that you need to optimize your life and well being.

It takes massive discipline to get the necessary nutrients in to our body in doses that heal and help us to live a life of vitality and contribution. It’s really important to understand that we live in a capitalist society. When you go in to a store to get food, they have arranged the whole store in a way to get you to buy the most amount of the products they make the most money on. Some of my friends literally only shop on the periphery of most stores, where the fruits and vegetables are.

The statistic on the health of the world are not good. 70% of Americans are overweight or obese; 64% of the UK is obese. Children being born today have a good chance of getting diabetes in their teens, and dying before their parents.

What Matters To You

It’s a good idea to take some time to develop a baseline in the things that matter which adds meaning to life. How do you do that?

A baseline is basically just a way to know where you are at any time, and then you can measure whether what you do from then on helps or hurts you.

Do you know how many pushups you can do? How far you can stretch in multiple directions? What your body fat composition is? What your blood sugar levels are? Your A1C count?

Everything on this site is here to help you. Please reach out and ask questions if you have any kind of problem you can’t get help with. I can either help or find resources that hopefully will guide you towards having a happy and meaningful life.

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