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Using the Yamuna Save Your Face Kit

Posted by Arielle Beauduy on

yamuna save your face


During the holiday season I highly recommend using the Yamuna Save Face work for a great “pick me up.” When you have to go to a party and are feeling tired all you need is  10-15 minutes resting on your bed with your head and neck supported by a pillow. You can work to de-stress your forehead, work the eye and cheek area and you will look like you just came back from a facial or a spa. Your complexion will glow and your entire face will be lifted.

To do this you need the Yamuna Save Face Kit.This is a must for people who are self directed and want to keep their faces as youthful as possible naturally. During the pre holiday season, we are offering the face kit at a very special price. It is a great gift for yourself and others.


There are many ways to reduce tension build up in the jaw. I recommend that you try all of the ones I am presenting here and then you will see which ones you feel the most benefit from. These can be your choices to work with for the next few weeks. If you notice your jaw becoming more and more relaxed then you can slowly decrease the amount of time you are dedicating to your jaw. If you feel tension begin to mount again then just begin working your jaw again. You can also try some of the ones that you did not use at first. They might be more effective later on as you want to go deeper in unwinding the patterns.



This is a simple relaxing move that allows you to feel an instant release in your tempomandibular joint. This is a real jaw dropper. Try to be mindful after experiencing this release to not close the mouth tightly. If you catch yourself closing your mouth tightly just let it go.

1. Place the small face ball at the side of your mouth on one side. You should be relaxing on your back with your head supported by a pillow or the larger face ball.

2. Gently press the ball in at the side of the mouth and then change the direction of the ball to pull out in the direction of the ear. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds.

3. Roll the ball in micro movements back towards the ear. Hold at each point for 10-15 seconds. You are moving the ball backwards between the top and bottom teeth.

4. When the ball gets to just in front of the ear hold it there gently pulling the ball toward the ear. This point just in front of the ear is the key point. Stay here and open and close your mouth 3-5 times. You do not have to open the mouth wide for this to be effective. After opening and closing your mouth several times, slide the ball gently back on the ear pulling the ear backwards.

5. Take the ball away from your ear and feel this side of the face and jaw.

6. Do the same work on the other side.



When you clench your jaw tightly, your ears and all the muscles around your ears tighten. Over time they begin to hold the ear very tightly to the level of tension in the jaw. Over time clenching and tightening patterns around the ears can cause people to lose their hearing. You can see people clenching their jaws and releasing unconsciously all through the day. This unconscious habit can cause all sorts of problems later on in life and in most cases no one will ever connect the problems with years of clenching. This habit is predominantly a male one and it just so happens that men usually experience early hearing problems more than women.

1. Place the face ball at the lowest part of the ear and gently press up on the ear. Hold this upward pressure for about 30 seconds.

2. Move the ball to the middle of the back of the ear and press in toward the ear and hold for 30 seconds.

3. Move the ball to the top of the ear and press directly down for 30 seconds.

4. Do the same thing on the other ear.

5. Take your thumb and index finger and grab the lower ear and pull it gently down for 30 seconds while you slowly open and close your mouth.

6. Move your thumb and fingers to the middle ear lobe and pull it directly back for 30 seconds. Open and close the mouth while doing this.

7. Move the thumb and fingers to the top of the ear and pull the whole ear upwards for 30 seconds while opening and closing the mouth.

8. Do this on the other ear.

9. Lie back relaxing and feel the results.

There will be a warmth in and around the ears.

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