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6 Herbs that Can Boost Your Immunity

Posted by John Johnson on

6 Herbs that Can Boost Your Immunity

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With no known cure yet for COVID-19, only social distancing, proper handwashing, and appropriate hygienic practices can stop the disease from spreading.

You can, however, help yourself and boost your immune system. The immune system is the body’s defense system, comprised of numerous biological structures, chemicals, and processes that protects the body against viruses, bacteria, infections, and toxins. 

Bolster your immunity the natural way. Here are six herbs that can help you do just that:


Also known as the Purple Cornflower, Echinacea has been used by Native Americans to treat different illnesses for a long time.  Various studies have shown that this flowering plant could possibly help the immune system in fighting viruses and infection which could in turn help in hastening recovery from an illness. 

The Echinacea plant’s upper parts and roots are used to make teas, extracts, tinctures, and tablets. 



Amongst the numerous kinds of elder trees and plants around the world, the European elder is the most used and studied. Also known as Sambucus nigra, these deep purple berries are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that may help boost the immune system

It contains a flavonoid called quercetin that has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects. Elderberry is usually ingested in syrup form. It’s available in lozenges, gummies, and tinctures too. 



This herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for centuries. It is believed to have various health benefits such as anti-stress, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and boost the immune system

The root of this plant can be consumed in different forms such as teas, capsules, powders, and extracts. 




A native of China and India, this plant has been used to relieve sore throat, fever, digestive problems, and prevent influenza. Andrographis contains detoxifying elements that can help the immune system in fighting certain upper respiratory tract infections

You can find Andrographis in most health food stores in the form of capsules and tinctures. 


Yin Chiao   

Yin Chiao is a traditional Chinese medicine formula that’s been used in China for hundreds of years. It is known for its power to strengthen and nourish when taken as soon as the first sign of a cold or flu shows up. The main ingredient of this popular 9-herb mixture is honeysuckle root and forsythia flower. 

It also contains balloon flower, peppermint, edible burdock, crested grass, Chinese licorice root, fermented soybean, and schizopeta. Yin Chiao has been known to be safe even for children, the elderly, and pregnant and nursing women.

However, it’s still best to consult your physician before taking this health supplement. Yin Chiao is available in tea, liquid, or powder form and can be found online or your local health food store. 

Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have been used by Chinese and Japanese practitioners of traditional herbal medicine for hundreds of years and have been gaining popularity all over the world in recent years due to the amazing health benefits they provide. 

They are considered as adaptogens or herbs that help the body in fighting and adapting to biological, mental, emotional, and physical stress. Medicinal mushrooms may help boost the immune system, enhance overall health,  and fight some viruses. Medicinal mushrooms come in powder, tincture, tea, capsule, and there are some that you can cook or add to your dishes

Always consult your doctor if you are planning to mix any of the herbs above with your prescription medicine. 

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