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Best Apps for Working Out at Home

Posted by John Johnson on

Best Apps for Working Out at Home

Is going to the gym a part of your daily life? Do you workout to keep fit? See your gym buddies? Or you’re crushing on your instructor? With all the gyms closed down for an indefinite period of time, whatever your reason could be will have to wait for now. 

This shouldn’t stop you from working out though. Don’t lose out on all the perks a good workout can do to your mental and physical health. There are numerous apps that can help you exercise at home, apps with complete guidance on how to properly do each routine as if you were in the gym. 

Below is a list of free apps that you can easily find and download at the App Store and Google Play. Some apps are free with in-app purchases and paid-for subscription. Choose one that fits you and start your workout program at home.  

Home Workouts  


This app provides daily exercise routines that target all of your main muscle groups. All routines are designed by experts and need no equipment. Amazing workouts that will make you sweat if followed correctly. 


Workout for Women  



Exercises and workouts custom-made for women. Reach your health and fitness goals with this app. Pleasant and inspiring visuals make you feel like you have your own personal trainer at home. 


Lose Weight in 30 Days 



Lose weight the fast and safe way. This app was designed to do just that. With workout routines designed by experts, this app will help you lose weight, build muscles, count calories, and track weight loss. It even has different diet plans and healthy recipes you can use in your quest to lose weight. 


Six Pack in 30 Days 



This app is not just suitable for men, it’s perfect for women, teens, and seniors too! Do you want to have super sexy abs ready for the summer? Then this app is just for you. It features a workout plan with 3 different levels. Whether you’re just starting or already a pro, you will find a workout that best fits you.  


Nike Training Club  

This app provides workout routines that target specific body parts. There are abs & core exercises, glutes & legs, and arms & shoulders. There’s also boxing, endurance, yoga, mobility, and strength workouts. Aside from voice coaching, you can also watch videos that demonstrate each workout. 


Adidas Training by Runtastic  


The app offers workout routines for different fitness levels. You can select muscle groups you want to work on,  choose the exercise duration that fits you, and plan your own workout program. Equipment is not necessary for most routines. Aside from the voice coach, there are more than 180 videos you can watch to know how to do the routines correctly.  


J&J Official 7-Minute Workout 


This app has 72 exercise routines and 22 additional workouts that you can modify and personalize to create over 1,000 customized variations that could motivate you to keep moving. It also features Smart Workout, that measures and determines the level of your motivation and fitness. It then suggests workout programs and intensity accordingly.  

Did you find any app that works for you? Let us know in the comments section below.  

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