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21 Essential Home Yoga Equipment

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21 Essential Home Yoga Equipment

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Are you thinking of starting up a yoga practice? Or have you just started? Yoga is an effective way to become healthy and maintain it. You can build your flexibility, strength, and mindfulness.  

So how do you start? Being a beginner can be daunting to anyone, especially when you think of where to learn and how to go about it during this time of the pandemic. How about practicing yoga at home? You need to think about what equipment you would need to ensure safety and maximize the exercise, how much the equipment would cost, and where to buy them.    

If you look around at social media, you could get confused with the abundance of yoga gears out there. To help you in choosing, here are 21 Essential Home Yoga Equipment for your home yoga practice

Yoga Mat 

 Yoga Equipment 01 - Yoga Mat

Price: $21.49

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You need a yoga mat for your yoga practice. This is the most important piece of yoga equipment you would use whatever type of yoga you wish to practice. These mats provide more grip and will help prevent slips and falls. They also act as cushions to give your joints comfort.


Yoga Mat Bag 

Yoga Equipment 02 Yoga Mat Bag

Price: $16.98

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Even if you’re just practicing yoga at home, you still need to keep your mat neat and tidy after every use. Most backpacks or gym bags cannot fit the unusual size and shape of a yoga mat. The yoga mat bag prevents your mat from getting squished and damaged. 


Yoga Headband 

 Yoga Equipment 03 Yoga Headbands

Price: $12.99

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Wearing a yoga headband is one of the best ways to keep your hair in place as you stretch and do those yoga poses. Keeps you looking pretty too! 


Yoga Towel 

 Yoga Equipment 04 Yoga Towel

Price: $14.965

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Practicing yoga can make you sweat a lot. Sweat can make using the mat dangerous, slipping and falling are very likely to happen when the mat is wet. These towels are an excellent way to keep your yoga mat dry and keep it from becoming slippery due to sweat. 


Water bottle 

 Yoga Equipment 05 Water Bottle

Price: $23.97

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Water bottles are necessary for hydration. As you sweat during practice, you need to replenish just as much water you lose. The water bottle is an essential piece of equipment you need in your yoga practice. 


Yoga Pants 

 Yoga Equipment 06 Yoga Pants

Price: $19.95

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Yoga requires you to twist and stretch your body into different poses. This is why you need to consider wearing comfortable and stretchy clothes for your practice. You can check out apparel specifically made for yoga practice. Yoga pants are made with soft and light moisture-wicking fabrics that are very suitable for intense workouts. 


Yoga Blocks 

 Yoga Equipment 07 Yoga Blocks

Price: $14.07

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Usually made of bamboo, foam, or cork, yoga blocks are the most common equipment used when you are starting to practice yoga. They are often used as arm extensions to help you achieve difficult poses. There will be other uses for yoga blocks as you progress.  


Yoga Straps

 Yoga Equipment 08 Yoga Strap

Price: $8.95

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Yoga straps are used to help you develop your flexibility and lessen the risk of straining your muscles. After the blocks, straps are the next most common equipment used by beginners. They are usually used as hand or arm extensions and are beneficial when working on your posture and alignment.  


Resistance Bands 

Yoga Equipment 09 Resistance Bands 

Price: $24.97

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Although they might be the same as yoga straps, resistance bands are not just for yoga. They were originally created for physiotherapy treatment. Unlike straps, these bands are adaptable and both weight and resistance can be increased to help improve your fitness level. 


Yoga Wheel 

 Yoga Equipment 10 Yoga Wheel

Price: $26.87

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Just like the yoga block, the yoga wheel is used to help in achieving complicated positions, release tension, enhance flexibility, relieve back pain, and relax muscles. There are also yoga wheel-assisted exercises that can help you sleep better. 


Foam Roller 

 Yoga Equipment 11 Foam Roller

Price: $22.93

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Another exercise equipment that can be incorporated into your yoga practice, the foam roller can improve flexibility and help in losing weight. Unlike the hollow yoga wheel, foam rollers are dense and thick that provides more body support. 


Massage Gun 

 Yoga Equipment 12 Massage Gun

Price: $49.99

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Not just made for yoga and meant to be incorporated into your exercise routines, massage guns are used after a strenuous stretching session. It will ease muscle and joints tension, relieve muscle pain, and increase blood flow. 


Meditation Pillow 

 Yoga Equipment 13 Meditation Pillow

Price: $39.99

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Meditation pillows are specially designed to help you sit comfortably as you meditate. Sitting flat on a hard floor will not give your body the support it needs to sit cross-legged for long periods of time. Aside from comfortability, these pillows help in supporting your hips to align the spine in its proper curvature.   



 Yoga Equipment 14 Sandbag

Price: $64.20

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Sandbags are great for beginners who are still having difficulty finding their balance. They can also be used as anchors to add weight to different body parts and stop you from moving about and help you stay in position. 


Eye Pillow 

 Yoga Equipment 15 Eye Pillow

Price: $17.99

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Eye pillows are used in restorative yoga and during meditation. Once it is placed over your eyes, the feeling that the fabric and its content gives off will reach the vagus nerve and will then send a message to your whole body that it’s now in a tranquil state. This will help you relax and find peace. 


Yoga Chair 

 Yoga Equipment 16 Yoga Chair

Price: $99.99

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Practicing yoga doesn’t require you to be a contortionist. You just need a piece of equipment like the yoga chair to help you achieve success. People with mobility issues should consider getting a yoga chair. 


Yoga DVD for Beginners 

 Yoga Equipment 17 Yoga DVD for Beginners

Price: $23.99

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Yoga DVDs let you learn and practice yoga in the comforts of your home. No need to go to yoga classes, pay subscription fees, or have an internet connection. Just pop a DVD in your player or laptop and get started. You even have to option to pause and rewind as often as you want.  


Incense Sticks 

 Yoga Equipment 18 Incense Sticks

Price: $11.99

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Create the perfect setting for your yoga session with aromatic incense sticks. These sticks can provide you with a different level of relaxation, focus, good vibes, and positivity. Not just for yoga, you can have all these benefits in your daily life if you burn incense in your bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere you want to relax and feel positive energy. 


Yoga Aerial Swing Set 

Yoga Equipment 19 Yoga Aerial Swing Set 

Price: $69.97

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A fantastic piece of yoga equipment that can help you perform stretches and poses above the ground. Just like the yoga chair, this swing is suitable for people with mobility issues who have difficulty in lowering themselves down on the floor. 


Yoga Headstand Stool 

 Yoga Equipment 20 Yoga Headstand Stool

Price: $85.99

Shop Now

One of the trickiest poses in yoga is the headstand. This stool is designed to aid you in doing headstands the easy way. 


Vibration Plate 

 Yoga Equipment 21 Vibration Plate

Price: $179.57

Shop Now

Vibration plates on their own are exercise machines that can increase your potential of losing weight. Coupled with yoga, this machine can help tone, strengthen, and build muscles. Other benefits include improved flexibility and increased mobility. 

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