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Yamuna Body Rolling Yoga DVD

Yamuna Body Rolling Yoga DVD

Yamuna Body Rolling Yoga DVD

$ 24.95

This Yamuna Yoga DVD Beginning your Hatha Yoga practice by building a strong, flexible and solid foundation is essential.

No matter what form of Hatha yoga you are practicing it is essential to begin by building your feet as your solid roots to build upward from.

If your feet are your power point connecting to the earth, they will move energy up correctly through your ankles, knees, hips and spine preventing unnecessary injuries and allowing you to practice and master more advance asanas successfully.

Taking you through how to build Tadasana and then how to build continuing concepts that allow you to work through an easier flow of standing postures whichever form you practice. We begin by building the outside edge of the foot followed by the inside edge and then finally connecting through the center.

It is not about just finding all the corners of the feet, it is about getting to actually feel and connect with them to actually use them correctly and mindfully in your Yoga practice.

The Yamuna Yoga DVD uses Foot Savers (purchased separately).

Total Running time: 47 minutes

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