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15 Simple Ways To Help Boost Your Energy

Posted by John Johnson on

15 Simple Ways To Help Boost Your Energy


The level of your energy determines your productivity and general mood for the day. Have you noticed how you get easily annoyed when you’re tired? Here are 15 simple ways to help boost your energy and give you a long-lasting solution to keep lethargy, irritability, and fatigue at bay: 

Don’t skip breakfast  

Breakfast isn’t called “the most important meal of the day” for nothing. After waking up from a night’s sleep, you probably haven’t eaten for ten hours or more. You have been fasting and eating in the morning breaks that fasting hence breakfasts. Eating breakfast replenishes the glucose supply in your body that boosts your energy and alertness as well as provides you with essential nutrients needed for good health. So don’t forget to eat a  healthy breakfast every day. 

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Get some sunshine and fresh air  

Going out for some sunshine and fresh air can do a lot to lift up your mood and energy levels. This is one of the natural ways to boost your health, increase your vitality, and make you feel better. Breathing in fresh air elevates the oxygen levels in your blood. An increase in oxygen levels in the blood means there will be more oxygen to circulate in your brain and make you feel more energized and improve your focus. On the other hand, you can get vitamin D from sunshine. Vitamin D is essential for bone health, it also supports the nervous system, brain, and immune system health. 


Regular exercise 

Exercising regularly improves muscle strength and endurance. Exercise can be tiring but if done on a regular basis, exercise will perk you up, help you sleep, and keep you fit. All these add up to increased energy levels.  

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Drink plenty of water  

Drinking lots of water helps you maintain your energy levels because dehydration will lead the brain and the body to produce less energy, making you sluggish and tired. Sleeping for 7-8 hours means your body has been without water for that long, making you, in essence, dehydrated. Drink plenty of water in the morning to shrug off that sleepy feeling and start feeling energized. 


Reduce your sugar intake 

Less sugar in your diet can help stabilize your mood and energy levels. Sugar can make your blood sugar spike and give you an energy boost but it will go down as soon as insulin is released. Less sugar intake can also help to keep your weight down and boost your health. 

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Eat more whole grains   

Eating whole grains comes with a lot of health benefits. A whole grain kernel is made up of bran, endosperm, and germ. Barley, oats,  whole wheat, brown rice, whole rye, corn, and quinoa are just some of the whole grain foods that can satisfy your appetite and provide energy at the same time. They contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  


Munch on power snacks  

Eating power snacks in between meals can help boost your energy, keep it up, and make it last. Choose a snack that contains protein, fiber, and fat like yogurt and nuts or whole wheat bread with a peanut butter spread.   


Have a good posture 

When you have a good posture, it means your joints and bones are correctly aligned. This allows your muscles to move as they are meant to. You will be less fatigued and have more energy as your muscles don’t have to work so much to do what they should do. 

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Take frequent breaks when working  

Working for hours without taking a break can be tiring and could affect your productivity. Prolonged sitting can lead to aches in your back, hips, legs, arms, shoulder, and neck. Taking frequent breaks lets your brain rest and recharge, making you more alert and focused when you go back to work. 


Avoid overworking  

Overwork causes fatigue. Overworking doesn’t just happen at work, it can also happen with social and family obligations. Make a “to-do” list and set your priorities. Do what you can and ask for help if the load is too much for you. 


Limit alcohol intake 

Drinking alcohol during the day can make you feel lethargic or drowsy. Drinking after work leaves you with less energy for the night. Drink in moderation if you have to but being alcohol-free will improve your sleeping quality, your mental health, brain function, and boost your energy. 

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Stop smoking 

Aside from being a threat to your health, smoking can also cause insomnia that can drain your energy. If you stop smoking, your blood circulation will improve within 2 to 12 weeks. This will make every physical activity you do so much easier and your immune system will improve as well.


Manage stress 

Emotions caused by stress can consume a lot of energy leaving you tired and weak. Manage stress by talking to family or friends, going to a spa, do yoga, meditation, or see a psychotherapist. 


Sleep a lot 

Have you ever noticed how you feel more energetic after a long sleep? Yes, adequate sleep can make you more alert, energetic, and happy. You will be able to function better and be more productive. 

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Be positive  

Being positive can help reduce stress and eliminate bad thoughts and feelings that can drain your energy. You should also avoid negative people that can dampen your mood and make you feel bad. 


Feeling tired and having no energy to go on throughout the day happens to many of us. Making simple changes to your diet, routine, and outlook can have a big impact on your health and energy levels.  

Knowing or learning new ways to be healthy is not enough. You need to act on it now to make a difference. 


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