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What is a Kneeling Back Chair?

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What is a Kneeling Back Chair?


According to Wikipedia, a kneeling chair is a type of chair for sitting in a position with the thighs dropped to an angle of about 60° to 70° from vertical (as opposed to 90° when sitting in a normal chair), with some of the body's weight supported by the shins.




It all started with Dr. A.C. Mandal. A Danish surgeon and Hans Christian Mengshoel, a Norwegian inventor, who were brainstorming for different sitting positions that would conform to the standards resulted from Mandal’s research. In a study conducted by Dr. A.C. Mandal, it was concluded that a seat that slopes forward opens up the area in between the thighs and the torso thereby instantly aligning the spine properly while seated. This sitting posture can relieve pressure on the back and allow the front and back muscles to relax. This position can also provide better mobility and lessens the pressure on the lungs and stomach. 



They then asked several chair designers to take the new sitting concept further and design an ergonomic chair that adheres to the principles derived from the study.  Among the designers were young designers named Peter Opsvic, Svein Gusrud, and Oddvin Rykken. A number of good posture chairs were produced and the best of them was the Balans Chair (balans is the Norwegian word for balance) by Peter Opsvik. 

Opsvik found inspiration from a horseback rider. The rider is always in motion and has to keep his back straight and his thighs sloping downwards to maintain his sitting position and control the horse. The motions made by worshippers like kneeling down, standing up, and sitting down during service were also put into consideration. Hans Christian Mengshoel, was particularly supportive of the kneeling chair and thus the Balans Chair was born. A posture chair that requires the body to support itself. 


Types of Kneeling Chairs


Numerous ergonomic kneeling chairs have been introduced since then. Inspired by the original Balans Chair, they all have tilted seats but with different features. There are knee chairs with an x-base, a 5-star base, a saddle base, and a sled base like the original backless kneeling chair. 

They also have different cushion thickness and fabric used to cover the cushion. Some of the chairs come with adjustable seat height, with a single knee pad or two, and have casters that can provide ample mobility. Some come in different colors too. 


Picking the Kneeling Back Chair that’s Right for You


When choosing which ergonomic kneeling chair to buy, ask yourself first what are you buying it for. Are you going to use it while working from home or in the office? If so, then you have to consider the long hours you’re going to use it. 

Look for an ergonomic office chair that’s strong and sturdy yet comfortable. A work chair that will provide you with great mobility but stays tightly in place when you need it to. 

If you want a chair that has an adjustable seat height, then find one that allows you to adjust the seat height effortlessly. 

Another thing you should watch out for is the Return Policy and Warranty Period offered by the seller. A company that has a good product will not hesitate to provide a good return policy and an ample period of warranty.


Always remember that the main purpose of the kneeling chair is to promote sitting in a balanced position to relieve back pressure, alleviate back pain, strengthen your core, and let oxygen flow freely throughout your body. Look for a chair that gives you all these results. 

If you made it up to this point then that means you are seriously searching for a good kneeling chair. So what are you waiting for? Find your kneeling back chair now!

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