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3 Easy Routines to Improve Your Shoulder Function

by John Johnson

3 Easy Routines to Improve Your Shoulder Function

According to Yamuna "Most people over sixty lose their full range of motion in their shoulders. Limited range of motion does not necessarily result in pain and /or injuries."  

If you want to work on maintaining your fullest range of motion in your shoulders or you want to regain full shoulder movement, I highly recommend the following routines.  You can enjoy a full shoulder workout by getting the Yamuna Save Your Shoulders Kit.  




Stand straight with feet parallel, arms alongside the body palms open and facing forward.

  1. Rotate palms facing forward with arms slightly away from your sides. 
  2. Pull shoulders down. 
  3. Slide the scapulae onto the back ribs. 
  4. With the arms a bit out from the sides of the body sliding the shoulder blades onto the back ribs becomes easier.
  5. Once the shoulders are aligning in this position focus on the breath. With each breath the shoulders keep pulling down and back and the scapulae keep moving down the back ribs.

Realign Shoulder

shoulder routine

Realign shoulder 4



In Bed Shoulder Routine

The best In Bed Shoulder Routine

1. Lie on your side with one arm hanging over the edge of the bed. Wedge a black or pearl  ball into your armpit.

*The ball must be at the very edge of the bed.

2. Place a second ball at the top of the shoulder to rest your head on. This ball also puts additional pressure into the shoulder joint.

3. Do this from the center, front, and back of the shoulder joint.  Try to stay at each point for 5 minutes. This should not be rushed. It takes awhile for the shoulder joint to begin to relax. Then work the other shoulder.


ball in armpit routine
  1. Place ball snugly in the armpit.
  2. Bend the arm so that the forearm is bent at the elbow and crossed in front of your body.
  3. Hold the wrist with the other hand.
  4. Keep shoulders down and elbows back.
  5. Stretch the head to the other shoulder. 
  6. Inhale and breathe into the side ribs where the ball is. With each full breath pull the shoulders down, and stretch the head to the other side. Do this for 5-10 full breaths.
  7. Take the ball out, feel the results and do the other side.





John Johnson
John Johnson


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