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Chi Vitalizer Machine Simple Modifications (4 Videos)

Posted by John Johnson on

Chi Vitalizer Machine Simple Modifications (4 Videos)

Many people have asked me over the years how to modify the Chi Vitalizer so they can use it after surgery, injuries, or when when they have concerns about how it will affect sensitive areas of their bodies.

I created a series of short videos called "Chi Vitalizer Machine - Simple Modifications" based on 20 years of supporting people in their wellness programs. 

Each video below shows you how to modify your routine to protect and support your neck, knees and ankles. 

You can also get more support and information on the Vitalizer Facebook page

And as always, please email me with any questions at


Video #1: Simple Modification - Basic Body Angle


Video #2: Simple Modification - Protecting the Knees


Video #3: Simple Modification - Ankle Support

Video #4: Simple Modification - Neck Support

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