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Yamuna: Your Legs and Summer

Posted by John Johnson on

Yamuna: Your Legs and Summer

Today I'm posting a message directly from Yamuna about keeping the legs flexible during the active summer months.  

Yamuna also gives you a quick anatomy lesson and  3 short routines to help keep your legs flexible for summer. 

"Finally the warm weather is upon us. This means that most of you will be switching from indoor to outdoor activities. More swimming, running, walking, cycling, golfing, and tennis means you need to focus more on keeping your legs working strong and in balance. Just because it is warmer out, does not mean that your muscles have transitioned from their winter state into their warm weather more flexible state. Since there is a slow contraction of our muscles and joints throughout the body during the colder months, we have to be careful and transition sensibly to avoid any unwelcome flareups in our bodies.

Watch our Yamuna Leg Routine DVD and you can focus on your legs and keep them in the best shape throughout the warm weather no matter what physical activities you might be doing. There are many  one side dominant activities that people partake in during the summer which produce imbalances. 

For years, I would always have my clients who played golf scheduling appointments in my office the first couple of weeks of the golf season. One year a secretary called me and said she was taking the initiative to book her boss for several sessions before he went into full on summer playing. She wanted to avoid his pattern of injuries that had occurred every year for 4 or 5 years. From that point on we began to work on him to avoid any injuries to his lower back, hips, knees, and shoulders caused by his swing.  Though very often we think we are invincible, when we do not do certain physical activities for months, we cannot assume we can just go full thrust ahead into the season and not get injured.

No matter what age you are it makes sense to train the body when you transition it into a new season and new physical activities. Start thinking young like this and avoid injuries now and in the future."


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