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11 Health Benefits of Having a Good Posture

Posted by John Johnson on

11 Health Benefits of Having a Good Posture


Posture is essentially the body position we maintain while we are sitting, standing, and lying down. Having a good posture is just as important as having a healthy diet, exercising, and sleeping in comfort. It ensures that muscle tension is just enough and that your whole body is aligned symmetrically. It conditions your body to take on daily activities with more energy and vigor. It also keeps your body from being exhausted, that’s why good posture is vital to your overall wellness. Here are 11 health benefits of having a good posture:

Reduces lower back pain 

Standing or sitting for a long period of time with your back stooped burdens the lower back. This lousy posture strains the bottom part of the spine including the muscles, ligaments, facet joints, and intervertebral discs. This causes lower back pain and having a good posture greatly reduces the pain.  


Lessens headache

Poor posture increases muscle strain in the back of the neck and this can cause tension headache. A good posture will help in reducing episodes of tension headaches.  

Keeps the spine from having a permanent crooked form

Stooping or slouching for prolonged periods can lead to the misalignment of your musculoskeletal system and this will bring more health problems and more pain. Good posture will prevent this from happening. 

Boosts energy levels

Properly aligned bones and joints let your muscles do what they are intended for which in turn makes you less exhausted normally and have more energy.  

Lessens the tension in your neck and shoulders 

With poor posture, the head is always drooping or in a forward position. This puts a strain on the neck and shoulders that will eventually lead to neck and shoulder pain. With good posture, the neck and shoulders are properly aligned and tension in that area is significantly lessened. 

Lowers the chance of unnatural wear and tear of the joints

Standing or sitting improperly like sitting with legs crossed or slouching causes hip strain. Joints will normally wear off as you get old and if you have good posture, you will have no extreme joint problems later.    

Enhances the lung capacity 

Stooping compresses the lungs and makes it difficult to breathe. Sitting or standing properly gives the lungs enough space to expand and do its work effectively.   

Better digestion and blood circulation 

In poor posture, vital organs get squeezed and this prevents blood to flow freely. With poor blood circulation, those organs will not be able to work properly. Correct posture allows blood to circulate freely.  

Decreases temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain 

The TMJ is like a hinge that connects the jawbone to the skull. When the head is positioned forward like in poor posture, the jaw muscles and mandibular joint experience tightness and pressure. This can cause headaches and pain when yawning, talking, or eating. 

Enhances scapular and core strength 

Maintaining a good posture requires a lot of muscular effort. Keeping the correct posture makes the upper back muscles and core working and engaged. 

Makes you look taller 

Having a good posture makes you look taller and more slender.  

Tips to improve posture:

  • Always be aware of your posture
  • Do exercises that will help you correct your posture and strengthen your core
  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Always wear comfortable shoes
  • Ensure that you have a posture-friendly workstation

Proper posture is vital to your health and wellness. Always remember the health benefits you can get from having a good posture and start improving your posture now! 

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