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How to Live a Long, Healthy, Happy Lifestyle

Posted by John Johnson on

I turn 70 in September. That number boggles my mind. On the one hand, I feel great, I'm able to dance, sing, run, do anything I want my body to do. How I feel does not at all match up with the ideas I've been fed by society about what it means to be 70 years old.

I still have loads of ambitions, goals, and things I want to do. If I start to think that I am dying, I have the image of being frail, bent over, not doing much. I think that is how people actually do get old. They believe it! Even if it isn't yet true, they put themselves in to a category, and then they literally act the part.

I am excited that we are about to change the name of this site to Healthy, Happy Long Life. It is so much more of what I am interested in and would like to share with you.

I want to compile all of the Best Practices I actually use myself to maintain my vitality, my flexibility, my strength, and my good fortune.

More to come.

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