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Yamuna Total Body Beginner Kit with Gold Ball

Yamuna Body Rolling Gold Beginner Kit

Yamuna Total Body Beginner Kit with Gold Ball

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Start your body rolling experience with Yamuna's Total Body Beginner Kit. 

You'll learn how to tone and stretch the major muscle groups for the entire body. The routines shown on the instructional DVD will take you from the hamstrings up each side of the spine up into the neck, and skull, and covers the abdominal area, chest, and shoulders from the front.

It's a great, general workout for keeping the body well aligned and flexible while maintaining quality range of motion.

The 10 inch gold  ball is "spongier" than the silver and is great for beginners or people who want a gentle pressure.

Yamuna's Total Body Beginner Kit comes with a Yamuna gold ball, a pump for inflating and deflating the balls, and the Total Body Rolling video download


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