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Yamuna Sideline Routine DVD

Yamuna Body Rolling Sideline Routine DVD

Yamuna Sideline Routine DVD

$ 24.95

This powerful routine offers the most dramatic results of all the Yamuna body rolling work. It lengthens and tones both the back and front of the torso at once and is also fabulous for liberating your shoulders and neck.

Feel your breath penetrate parts of your torso that you never thought it could reach; increase flexibility; lose inches around your middle; and even grow taller!

The sideline DVD works the body from the side. This means that you are working both the front and back of your body at the same time. You are actually building equal length and strength front, back and sides of you! As you work your whole side, you free your lower back, elongate your abdominal muscles and once you get up into the armpits, you actually begin to free up shoulder restrictions and begin to work your biceps and triceps.

The results are startling! You are actually standing taller, freer, your shoulders are freer and your whole body appears longer, leaner and unrestricted. You actually begin to breath deeper without trying to. This is a great routine for pregnant women and for people who want to create more space between their ribs and hips and get rid of their sagging love handles.

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