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Yamuna Save Your Hips DVD

Yamuna Body Rolling Save Your Hips DVD

Yamuna Save Your Hips DVD

$ 24.95

Save your hips from the unecessary wear and tear so often placed on your hip joints. 

This easy to use DVD will supply you with all the information you need to keep your hip joints unrestricted, aligned and fully functioning regardless of your age, activity level or lifestyle. 

The exercises will provide you with a step by step approach to rebuilding healthy, strong, aligned, and free moving hips ultimately making all your activities easier.

Total Running Time: 72 Minutes

This DVD uses black balls (pair) and gold ball

*Everyone needs to have this DVD in his/her library of self-care tools. You can feel absolutely fine and all the sudden start to feel restricted as you get up from sitting. You do not have to accept stiffness in your hips and legs as part of the aging process!

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