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T Spheres® Pep-Up-Mint Aromatherapy Massage Balls

Each t spheres set includes; two, 27mm  TSheres balls, 3ml infuser, and instructional brochure in a portable jute drawstring bag. Infused with peppermint to mend those tired feet, mouse-moving hands, and overworked brains.

Peppermint's beneficial qualities: Natural decongestant Improves concentration Relieves stomach and gastro-intestinal ailments such as indigestion and travel sickness. Natural pain reliever (headache relief).

Ingredients: Peppermint essential oil Double-purified rubber compound Oil in re-infuser has same essential oils in HOBACARE Jojoba base The t spheres ball will vary in color due to each production using a new supply of essential oil and jojoba. We use no binders or additives and oils in re-infuser may separate or solidify from temperature changes.

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