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Jeanie Rub Massager Extremity Accessory

Jeanie Rub Massager Extremity Accessory

$ 34.95

Focus your massage on the arms and legs with the Jeanie Rub Extremity Accessory.   The attachment cradles the limbs to get a deeper, penetrating massage where you need it.

Use the extremity accessory with the Jeanie Rub Foot Massager Accessory to provide a personal massage station.   The upward V-shape of the accessory will give you a place to rest your arms or legs while keeping the massager stationary. 

The accessory fits snugly over the massage pad and is held in place with easy to tighten velco straps.  It fits all Jeanie Rub massagers. 

Jeanie Rub Massager not included

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