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I can't tell you how happy my body feels!

By Alice Rudy on February 19, 2016

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I can't tell you how happy my body feels, being a patient who is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, I'm feeling better after using the Chi machine in just one week. Its a miracle machine for those who really suffer from back pain. I can mop the floors and not wear my back brace any more. I thank the makers of this product and their engineering on developing your body to move like a Gold Fish is remarkable. Being a highly active person during my summer time we have a swimming pool in the back yard and having Fibromyalgia Syndrome I understand the importance of keeping my body moving by swimming during the summer. I found my self at a blocking point during the winter time with not being able to swim this Chi machine is just wonderful for making up for that exercise motion I miss during the summer.


The Best Ever!!!

By Whitney777 on December 24, 2014
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So far, so excellent!!! My wife has been suffering from neck pain and I have tried a few different massagers out there which did little good but vibrate to the point of being uncomfortable. Some even claimed to be kneading style, but upon trying were ineffective and mainly just vibrated. After the fourth try and spending a nice sum getting her chair massages at our local health food store, I decided to spend the extra money on a quality device. This unit is extremely well made and really delivers. I tried it myself and have to say the movement is smooth, yet deep to the point it feels as if an expert hand is doing the work instead of a machine. There is no vibration and the motor is powerful, yet quiet - almost like white noise which is in itself very relaxing. I highly recommend!!!


I love this Yamuna ball and this is the third one ...

ByTatianaon June 1, 2016

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I love this Yamuna ball and this is the third one I have purchased. I love it so much that I keep giving them to others I know would benefit from using it. Great quality. Video is well done.