PowerFingers Deep Tissue Percussion Massager (Eurossager)

PowerFingers Deep Tissue Percussion Massager (Eurossager)

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A LOT OF POWER IN A LITTLE PACKAGE. Two anatomically designed massage heads alternately pivot up and down a full 1/4" (6.35 mm), adjustable from 20 to 40 times per second.  Five power settings let you choose just the strength you want. The machine weighs only 2.8 lbs. - portable and easy for storage.

Balanced output: 95% of the output energy is directed through the massage spheres, with no 'kick-back' to the handle. It will also work through clothing for your comfort and convienience.

With 5 speed adjustments and 3 different sets of massage heads, you get 15 choices of massage, to suit your specific needs.

Includes 45 Page Operators Manual (in English, French and Spanish), written by Dr. Noble, chiropractor, and inventor of Thumper percussion massage. Contains detailed instructions for a better, skilled massage and helps you avoid common mistakes.

Balanced output gives 95% of the output energy through the massage spheres with no kick-back to the handle.

Extended directional handle allows easy two-handed operation for better control.

Three sets of interchangeable massage heads for flexibility in choosing the firmness of massage.

Power: 18 watts.

Power Cord Length: 10'.

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