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Staying Centered in a Time of Crisis

by John Johnson October 23, 2016

The world sometimes seems to be going crazy. Even though the amount of violence in the world is at record lows compared to the past, the media and our technology make it easy to publish the worst things going on in even the most remote parts of the world.

It takes discipline and maybe even some strong core principles that you live your life by to keep the boat from sinking.

The truth is, there is only love and fear. And fear is just the absence of love. When the world feeds you fear, know that it's coming from the ego, ie, not a place worth listening to.

The silver or gold Yamuna balls are my favorite to ground myself and come back to center. I start with a roll down my legs to open the hamstrings. Then i do the whole back, usually one side of the spine at a time, all the way up in to the base of the skull.

Five to fifteen minutes on the Chi Vitalizer willl also do the trick.

What do you do to ground yourself during times of anxiety or stress?


John Johnson
John Johnson


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