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1 Easy Body Rolling Routine to Care for Your Hips

by John Johnson April 20, 2017

1 Easy Body Rolling Routine to Care for Your Hips

Caring for your hips:

If you do not work to keep your hips aligned and unrestricted they will tighten up on you. When you begin to feel your hips getting tighter or you notice a new restriction in movement happening, don't ignore it. It will only get worse with time. The older you get the tighter your hips and body become so begin young to keep the hips toned, strong, aligned and flexible. Saying that you have always had tight hips and that's just the way you are is not smart thinking. It just makes you get older faster in your body. Stay mindful of working on your hips regularly so you can tell when something is slightly off and prevent it from getting worse. If you have had any injuries involving your hips when you were younger, it is even more important to always work on maintaining your hip alignment and movement. If you are a runner or cycler or do any high intensity training that continuously impacts your  hips  make sure you are always working deep into your hips to keep the range of motion as free as possible. Remember impact into the hips when you are younger if it is not worked out can result in hip replacements when you are older.

This routine will help you work almost all the way around your hip joint. You will need 1 yamuna black ball for this and the gold or pearl ball for neck support.  

  1. Lie on your side. Extend the leg on the floor out long. Bend the top leg so the foot is on the floor and the knee is bent. Lift the hip. Place the black ball right at the top of the joint and bring your body weight down on the ball. Stay here for about 30 seconds then let the ball begin to go into the joint.
  2. Inhale and slowly raise the leg off the floor. Turn the leg all the way in and then all the way out 2-3 times with your weight bearing down into the ball.
  3. Slowly lower your leg to just off the floor. Extend it out long and then let it drop to the floor and let all your weight go into the ball.
  4. Micro move the ball backwards around the joint. Lean your weight into the ball and then inhale and lift your leg up. Maintain your weight pressing into the ball the entire time. Add the rotations of the leg and slowly lower the leg down.
  5. Continue micro moving the ball backwards towards the sit bones lifting the leg and rotating it at each point.
  6. After doing one side rest on the floor and feel the difference between the 2 hips.
  7. Do the second side

Make this a regular part of your wellness practice!

Yamuna Hip Routine 1

Yamuna Hip Routine Leg Raised

John Johnson
John Johnson


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